Preparation shooting

After we decided on the subject of the shooting, discussed the time and place of its holding, discussed organizational issues - how many images we will use, how many people will be on the set.

We are starting a deeper preparation.


1. Preparing images

In the process of our initial communication with you, I can already make up several variants of images, prepare a mudboard and provide it to you for discussion. The images are selected based on the idea of shooting, the studio and the number of people.

If more than one person is involved in the shooting, I always recommend choosing the same images so that all models look harmoniously in the frame.


Also, in the process of shooting, I ask you to send me the images that you and I have selected and from these things we will assemble a single and complete image.


2. Studio preparation

The studio is selected in a similar way to the images, namely in the process of our communication with you. You are also given several studio options to choose from, from which you can choose the one you like best.

It is easier to change the studio than the image, since it is booked at the very end.


3. Booking the studio and shooting dates

When a studio is identified and an image is selected, we book a studio. It is advisable to book it in the morning or afternoon, so that there is more light and the photos turn out bright and juicy.