About me



I'm glad that you visit my website. My name is Max and I'm professional photographer based in Vienna. I'm available for photosession in Austria and Europe. I offer commercial shootings for brands and individual.


I really like art, I learn it and try to add in my shootings. My style it's combine art and fashion with an interesting light settings and model's poses.


If you have a question, you shouldn't be shy, I can aks me all you want to know about shootings. I will be really glad to explain it for you. And I'm looking forward to work with you.




I am motivated by the words of famous people:

1. "Although we travel all over the world in search of beauty, we must carry it with us, otherwise we will not find it"


2. "Every creative person has two dates of birth. The second date — when he understands what his true vocation is — is much more important than the first"