Max is a wonderful photographer who feels beauty, sees art around him, and is able to capture the elusive moment of the beautiful and unique. It was comfortable to work and I liked a lot of photos. Max is a true master who appreciates beauty and is able to convey it through the lens. I wish you many cool clients and projects!

Anna and Victor

I've been dreaming about a New Year's shoot for a long time, because this is the warmest, family holiday. And so I saw an announcement that Max needed models for Christmas shooting. I decided that this was a sign, and applied. It was necessary to assemble the image very quickly, Max explained everything and directed me, so everything worked out. On the day of filming, I was worried, but I was very comfortable with Max, the state of fuss after the road quickly went away and I relaxed. 
As a result, I have very beautiful, high-quality, and filled with my emotions pictures. Max is very good at capturing the inner essence, I see in his pictures not just a picture, but a living person with his thoughts and feelings. Thank you for the opportunity to touch the magical process of creating a photo portrait.


Wonderful photographer Max, who managed to take wonderful and fabulous New Year's photos! It was very pleasant to work with him, and most importantly, it was easy and relaxed, the time flew by very quickly))

I told you how everything will go, which image is better to choose, helped you choose clothes)) we will be happy to contact you again!😌😌😌


I really enjoyed working with Max! Having quite a lot of experience in filming, I can say with confidence that not only the professionalism of the photographer in working with the camera is very important, but also his ability to create an atmosphere in which the client will feel comfortable. It is this ability that Max has.

The ability to catch a good shot, to see beauty where not everyone would be able to see it, courtesy, caring for the client - all these qualities I took into account when choosing a photographer and this is what determined my choice!

Many thanks to Max for the care shown during the shooting, for the maximum interest in the client's wishes and of course for the cool result! It's not often you meet a photographer who is really interested in a client and does everything possible to make him happy!

Thanks Max)


We have known Max for more than a year, and we have already spent 3!!! photo shoots. For the first time, on the eve of the shooting, I felt excitement, but how do I get up, where do I put my hands, and what if they rush me... But as soon as we met, it immediately became clear that everything would be great!

Max is very attentive, clearly and tactfully suggests what needs to be done so that the photo turns out colorful and lively. After that, we had 2 more photo shoots and, as always, excellent preparation before, with lots of recommendations and links, a friendly atmosphere on, and amazing photos after shooting. I am completely delighted with the result, especially when a difficult task was set and the topic was set.

I really liked everything, I can't convey the emotions!!!


I was on the set with photographer Max, he is a true professional in his field. I helped prepare for the shooting, chose the right studio, prepared an accurate description of the shooting, what should follow, which poses would look best. I liked the photos already at the shooting stage, looking at them I realized that everything turned out great. Max selected the photos, but did not refuse and was happy to process a few more photos.

In general, if you want a high-quality shooting that will be well prepared and conducted, if you need an excellent result, then go to Max.